VNC 4 bug - paste doesn't work with RXVT terms

Brian Emberling bde "at"
Mon Dec 6 17:01:01 2004

Using VNC4 on windows & linux, I can copy/paste from linux-->windows, but
not from windows-->linux into an RXVT terminal.
It *does* work to copy from windows-->linux into an xterm, just not rxvt.

(using ctrl-c copy in windows and middle-button paste in linux)

copy/paste works fine with rxvt using verison 3.3.7.

Also, copy/paste works fine using the 4.0 viewer with the 3.3x server

With 4.0 server, I do use "vncconfig -nowin" and have tried "autocutsel"
to no avail.

Sounds like a bug...