Can't connect to vncserver running on Ubuntu Linux box

James Weatherall jnw "at"
Mon Dec 5 22:26:01 2005


In order to connect to VNC servers started with "vncserver" on Un*x, you
normally need to specify the "display" number to VNC Viewer, since
"vncserver" desktops allocate their VNC port based upon their X display
number by default.

E.g. vncviewer my_computer:5

To connect to VNC server running as X display :5.

You state that you can connect using telnet to port 5900 on the linux box.
Are you sure that this is the case?  Can you run "netstat -an" and check
what address is bound to TCP port 5900?  It sounds like something is
listening on port 5900 on the localhost interface.


Wez @ RealVNC Ltd.

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> Subject: Can't connect to vncserver running on Ubuntu Linux box
> I am running vncserver on my Ubuntu Linux box (fresh install, Breezy
> Badger), and trying to connect to it from my windows XP box, but have
> not been able to (I can connect to other linux and windows-based VNC
> servers from this box on my network).  
> I CAN connect to this server from the localhost.  From my windows box,
> however, I do not even get a log-in prompt.  Vncviewer 3.x states
> "Failed to connect to server" and vncviewer 4 (set to use only 3.3
> protocol) states "unable to connect to host: Connection refused
> (10061)".  I can find no trace of VNC errors in the system log.
> Here are the responses to the troubleshooting steps:
> >Can you "ping" the VNC Server from the Viewer machine?
> YES, and vice-versa
> >Are the Viewer and Server on the same LAN?
> >Are you sure the VNC Server is running?
> YES.  telnet-ing my vncserver on port 5900 yields response of RFB
> 003.003
> >Can you get to the VNC password prompt?
> No.
> >Is the VNC Server restricting connections?
> No.
> Can someone advise me what to try next?
> Thank you,
> -Eric Kort
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