VNC 4 bug - paste doesn't work with RXVT terms

Javier-Elias Vasquez-Vivas "at"
Thu Sep 15 18:40:01 2005

Previous Message:
Using VNC4 on windows & linux, I can copy/paste from linux-->windows, but
not from windows-->linux into an RXVT terminal.
It *does* work to copy from windows-->linux into an xterm, just not rxvt.

(using ctrl-c copy in windows and middle-button paste in linux)

copy/paste works fine with rxvt using verison 3.3.7.

Also, copy/paste works fine using the 4.0 viewer with the 3.3x server

With 4.0 server, I do use "vncconfig -nowin" and have tried "autocutsel"
to no avail.

Sounds like a bug...

The previous message is from last year, but it hadn't been attended
yet for what I understand.  I'm having the same problem but with mrxvt
instead of rxvt...

Using the windows client 4.1.1, I can copy from mrxvt and then paste
on windows applications.  However copyin on windows application and
trying to paste into mrxvt doesn't work at all, no matter if
autocutsel is up or not.  It does work for Aterm when autocutsel is
present though...

Any hope this will be looked at?


Javier-Elias Vasquez-Vivas