VNC® Open 3.3.7 - known bugs and features

The following are known bugs and features and omissions in VNC Open 3.3.7.

Date ID Program (Platform) Description Workaround Status
10 Oct 2002 6 Windows server The connection settings options do not take effect until a new connection is made. Remake the connection. Under consideration.
18 Oct 2002 11 Windows server Inability to cause a remote reboot. If "Logoff Workstation" is selected "When Last Client Disconnects" in the server properties, and the server is sent a reboot request with Ctrl-Alt-Del etc, the VNC connection closes, the VNC server stops, but the machine does not reboot. Disable "Logoff Workstation" before rebooting remotely. Under investigation.
14 Nov 2002 19 Windows server If there is a VNC connection active, then some VB ActiveX components may fail to initialise correctly. Find the Use_Deferral registry key in the VNCHooks Advanced Settings for the VB application affected and set it to 0. Under consideration.
26 Nov 2002 26 Windows server On initial connection, the server sends a spurious black screen followed immediatly after by proper update. None Under consideration.
7 Mar 2003 34 Windows server It is not possible to specify a port number with the -connect option on the command line. Use "Add New Client" interactively To be fixed.