VNC® documentation

  1. 4.1.9

    • All platforms

      • FIXED: Palette management issues for 8-bit and lower displays.
    • Windows

      • FIXED: Java viewer download problems.
    • UNIX

      • FIXED: Unnecessary dependencies on libICE and libSM.
      • FIXED: Maximum X selection text length is 64Kb (increased to 1Gb).
      • FIXED: vncserver fails to clear SESSION_MANAGER, affecting libSM-aware apps.
      • FIXED: Xvnc has keyboard auto-repeat enabled.
    • Java

      • VNC Viewer for Java signature has been updated.
  2. 4.1.8

    • All platforms

      • FIXED: VNC Viewer alerting the user to errors in unauthenticated reverse connections.
    • Windows

      • Trial license period increased to 14 days.
      • FIXED: Potential socket-leak in both server & viewer in some circumstances.
      • FIXED: VNC Viewer fails to restore from Minimized when scrollbars are in use.
      • FIXED: VNC Config fails to update NT Authentication settings on Apply.
    • UNIX

      • Xvnc now uses the better supported & more stable "fb" back-end, rather than cfb.
      • The RENDER extension is now fully supported by both Xvnc and
      • Default font paths now match those of standard HP-UX and Solaris X servers.
      • Default session manager is now CDE under HP-UX and Solaris.
      • Xvnc now provides full OpenGL support (except under HP-UX).
      • VNC Viewer provides FixSunKeys, to cope with Sun keyboard layout quirks.
      • FIXED: vncserver can fail to launch Xvnc when run as root, or without suid-root.
  3. 4.1.7

    • All platforms

      • Server identities are now verified based on supplied hostname, rather than their address.
      • HTTP server (used to serve VNC Viewer for Java) is now non-blocking.
      • Preliminary support for IPv6 on Windows & Linux platforms.
      • Optimised desktop resize/switch handling.
      • Optimised timer subsystem.
      • FIXED: vncpasswd command potential segfault.
      • FIXED: Viewer crash when receiving excessively large cursor for local cursor rendering.
    • Windows

      • Viewer running on 2K/XP can now Single Sign On to NT4 systems.
      • Viewer scale-to-window snaps to actual size of desktop when resizing.
      • Server Relative Pointer Motion improved to be compatible with cursor-warping applications.
      • Server now handles dynamic keyboard layout changes within applications.
      • Keyboard input now supports languages using non-ISO-Latin-1 characters, e.g. Hebrew.
      • FIXED: Server not removing desktop wallpaper until after initial screen update.
      • FIXED: Viewer failure to restore to full-screen mode after Show the Desktop used.
      • FIXED: Viewer Scale to Window failure to Preserve Aspect Ratio on first use.
      • FIXED: Viewer unable to continue connecting when .vnc file contains mismatched identity.
      • FIXED: Viewer F8 menu ticks becoming out of date.
      • FIXED: Viewer hang when second viewer run using New Connection option.
      • FIXED: Viewer crash when clipboard changes while AutoReconnect dialog displayed.
      • FIXED: Various listening viewer bugs, including reloading of defaults & listener shutdown.
      • FIXED: Problems loading password-less VNC 3 configuration files.
    • UNIX

      • module now supports VNC options in nested "Module" section of config.
      • Xvnc, and x0vncserver can now serve HTTP and RFB on the same port (One-port mode).
      • Xvnc and are now capable of having their listening ports changed on the fly.
      • FIXED: X server "Smart Scheduling" preventing ClientWaitTimeMillis from being applied.
      • FIXED: License management directory created with incorrect permissions.
      • FIXED: Server reverse-connections prevented by X server's "Smart Scheduling".
  4. 4.1.6

    • All platforms

      • FIXED: Auto-Select bandwidth detection overestimate on slow connections.
    • Windows

      • FIXED: VNC Viewer repeated key generation prompt when first used.
      • FIXED: Single Sign-On failure over unencrypted sessions.
  5. 4.1.5

    • Windows

      • "Query only if logged on" now available even on Windows 9x/Me/NT4/2000.
      • FIXED: NT Logon Authentication (including Single Sign-On) session logging issues.
      • FIXED: Tray icon tooltip contents wrong when server only accepting localhost connections.
      • FIXED: Clipboard failure to handle ISO-8859-1 correctly.
      • FIXED: VNC Viewer crash when saving .vnc Configuration files.
  6. 4.1.4

    • All platforms

      • Accented characters in clipboard data are now officially supported, using ISO Latin 1.
    • Windows

      • Single sign-on is now supported, using a logged-in user's existing credentials to authenticate a VNC session.
      • FIXED: Domain controller logging issues.
      • FIXED: Viewer window placement and multi-monitor handling issues.
      • FIXED: Server tray icon tooltip text missing or out of date.
      • FIXED: Server failing to respect the Disable local inputs setting.
      • FIXED: Server always enabling Active Desktop on disconnect.
      • FIXED: Installer requiring reboot when replacing an active installation.
  7. 4.1.3

    • All platforms

      • Improved VNCAuth authentication, to support default, admin, view-only and input-only users.
  8. 4.1.2

    • All platforms

      • Connections rejected by QueryConnect are no longer blacklisted.
      • FIXED: Hook DLL resource-handling bug under Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000.
  9. 4.1.1

    • All platforms

      • Java applet is now signed, allowing connection to other servers, saving of server identities and seamless integration with the local clipboard.
  10. 4.1.0

    • All platforms

      • FIXED: Logging problems with Active Directory domain controllers.