VNC® documentation

Date ID Program (Platform) Description Workaround Status
December 2011 4663 VNC Server in Service Mode (Windows) VNC Server stops when a fast user switch is performed. Users are disconnected and cannot reconnect. None. Fixed in VNC 5.0.0.
December 2011 4620 VNC Server in Service Mode (Windows 7 and 2008 R2) Logging out from the host computer while VNC Server is running very occasionally causes Windows to crash (BSoD). If applicable, and possible, do not run VNC Server in a Virtual Machine. Fixed in VNC 5.0.0.
November 2011 5313 VNC Server (Mac OS X) Mac OS X Server is not a supported platform. This may be rectified in a future release. None Fixed in VNC 5.0.0.
August 2011 4720 VNC Server in Service Mode (Mac OS X 10.7 Lion) Connections are terminated if a connection to Screen Sharing is established. Turn off Screen Sharing while VNC Server is running. Under consideration.
August 2011 4706 VNC Server (Mac OS X 10.7 Lion) The network address of the host computer cannot always be displayed. Open the Terminal application and run the command ifconfig. Fixed in VNC 5.0.0.
August 2011 4660 VNC Viewer Connections to Screen Sharing built-in to Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) are not supported. None. Under consideration.
August 2011 4708 VNC Server (Mac OS X 10.7 Lion) After installation, switched out host computer users cannot perform VNC Server operations that require administrative privileges. Log out and back in again. Fixed in VNC 5.0.0.
August 2011 4661 VNC Server in User Mode (Mac OS X) Connections are now terminated on switch out, and new connections cannot be established. Under Mac OS X 10.6 or earlier, turn off the StopUserModeOnSwitchOut parameter. Note this is not supported under 10.7 Lion. Under consideration.
August 2011 4701 VNC Server (Mac OS X) On the Expert tab of the Options dialog, the CaptureMethod parameter value might not reflect the actual screen capture method being used. None. Won't fix.
11 Apr 2011 3992 VNC Server in Service Mode (Windows) Logging out or switching user under Windows 7 or Vista terminates the connection. You are automatically prompted to reconnect without having to re-enter authentication credentials. Under consideration.
02 Nov 2010 4403 VNC Server in Virtual Mode (UNIX) Low color desktops (specified by running vncserver -depth 8) are not supported under Ubuntu 10.10. Give vncserver -depth a value of 16 or 24 instead. Won't fix.
15 Oct 2009 3380 VNC Server (Windows) Adding a second monitor with a lower resolution and color quality disproportionately increases CPU usage. Give both monitors the same resolution and color quality. Under consideration.
24 June 2009 3169 VNC Server (HP-UX 11.00) The commands vnclicense, vncserver -list and x0vncserver -list fail to perform their respective operations. None. Won't fix.
12 May 2009 2259 VNC Server (all platforms) IPv6 connections are disabled if IP address filtering is enabled. None. Won't fix.
12 May 2009 1756 VNC Server (Windows) Window 'smearing' when dragging windows between monitors on a multi-monitor system with the mirror driver enabled. Disable VNC Mirror Driver Won't fix.
12 May 2009 1599 VNC Server in User-Mode or Service-Mode (UNIX) No updates sent or screen corruption using some video drivers with desktop or visual effects enabled. Disable desktop or visual effects. For User Mode, you can also set UseDamage=0 Won't fix.