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The following documentation is available for Windows. Note that a host computer is the computer to be controlled, running VNC Server, and a client computer is a computer to connect from, running VNC Viewer.

  • Installing and removing
    Explains how to install VNC Enterprise Edition components on host and client computers.
  • License key FAQ
    Explains VNC Enterprise Edition terms and conditions, how to enter a license key to unlock VNC Server on the host computer, and how to obtain a 30-day trial license key.
  • Getting computers ready to use
    This extract from the User Guide explains how to get VNC Enterprise Edition ready to use on client and host computers.
  • Getting connected for the first time
    This extract from the User Guide summarizes how to connect two computers.
  • User Guide

    HTML version

    PDF version for printing

    Download PDF as zip file for offline access

    Note that to view PDF documents you need a program such as Adobe Reader (free).

  • Printing
    Please note that printing host computer files is supported under all platforms except Windows NT 4.
  • VNC Deployment Tool
    Download the VNC Deployment Tool to easily deploy and administer VNC Enterprise Edition on a large number of computers.